About The Perkins

During our marriage, my husband Perk (Larry Perkins) and I have visited six of the seven continents. I grew up in land-locked South Dakota, and like the bear in the children’s song, my goal was to see what was on the other side of the mountain … or in my case, the other side of the cornfields and pastures!

I am a French and English teacher, lived in seven states, spent three years in Italy, trained teachers in such diverse areas as Greece and Malaysia, was a travel agent and always aspired to be a writer. My one claim-to-fame is that I have a PERSONAL rejection by an editor of the New Yorker Magazine who “admired my style.” I framed the rejection; it sits on a bookshelf in our bedroom, and when I get frustrated or over-worked, it bolsters my spirits.

Since Perk was an international marketing systems guru, we traveled as part of his business. We’ve eaten exotic foods, taken great pictures, made good friends, and had lots of crazy adventures, such as fearing we were being “Shanghai’d” in China, and slipping out through a secret passage in Blenheim Palace when the Duke of Marlborough came home unexpectedly.

When our two children were old enough to withstand long plane rides, they traveled with us. Their adventures contribute to this blog – our son Chris had his fortune told with chicken bones by a shaman in a Zimbabwe hut; our environmentally-conscious daughter Erin swam over the coral at the Great Barrier Reef to retrieve a plastic bag, oblivious to the shark lunging only a few yards away.

Soon we are heading to Paris where we have rented an apartment in Montmartre … and where our children are bringing their children to visit us. Having adventures in Paris with our grandchildren, what could be better?  As Louis Armstrong would say, “It’s a wonderful world!”


  1. I LOVE my neighbors!!! I’ll miss them while they’re gone. Maybe I should crash their party in Paris 🙂

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